Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Talks for Grade 7

Speaking American Forum

New 2-Minute Talks for Grade 7 to Start in 2014
Boston, April 7, 2013--  At the Finals of the Speaking American Forum, I asked the audience to join in to celebrate 
the 15th Anniversary of our non-profit organization, including our book The Art of Public Speaking for All Ages published online and now available in Hardcover Edition and sold by Mail Order with profits going to support Speaking American to encourage Public Speaking statewide for Elementary school kids, Grades 3-8.

For Grade 7, we are pleased to announce that the first
offering for the new TOPIC-by-TOPIC Talks is
                  SHAKESPEARE-- Now and Then
Was he anything more than an actor? Was there a writer who needed a cover? Are the modern presentations in the theater and film here to stay or fated to slowly blur into
oblivion. What will stay are the words. So if you know someone who is headed to the 7th Grade next year spread the news. And also, of course, to teachers who each year
try to get their students to brush up on Shakespeare.
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