Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bravo Speakers / Part 5

Speaking American Forum            
               GUEST SPEAKERS  
   Chris Sawyer, co-author of Denhoms, a landmark building in Worcester, has been doing a lot of book- signings and of course, Public Speaking recently. He took this occasion to show off the book I wrote to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Speaking American-- The Art of Public Speaking for All Ages. It was also noted that the Speaking American book is purchased by Mail Order Form found in the 2013 Program. You can also get details and information by going to E-mail:

     Scott Swenson, a Toastmaster of note, gave an invigorating talk on how he improved his skill and why
Public Speaking is a good thing to have and develop over the years.

Chris Sawyer (left) and Scott Swenson (right) chat with
members of the audience-- kids, parents, teachers and on-lookers who asked questions and shared laughs.

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