Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bravo Speakers / Part 3

Speaking American Forum Finals

                        PRIZE WINNERS
                              IT'S a Tie for Grade 5

              Both Kaylee Tavares and Julia Powers are

                    5th Graders at Atlantis Charter School 

                                           and both

warned about smoking as dangerous not only for the smoker's health, but for all others within the smell of the smoke.

Judges Geoge Brown and Cathy Goodwin look on and
both Kaylee and Julia received a cash prize of $20 each.

                       Runner-up Prize for Grade 5
                Jorden Roth of the Abby Kelley Forster School
                spoke of her dreams of riding horses well enough

                to be in competition under the guidence of  her coach.
                In this Public Speaking contest, she won the $15 cash 
                prize for the Runner-up, Grade 5.

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