Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bravo Speakers

Speaking American Forum Finals
Boston, April 7, 2013-- To celebrate the 15th Anniversary
of Speaking American, I promised surprises and
there were plenty. There was the announcement
of the availability of a Hardcover Edition of my
book, The Art of Public Speaking for All Ages.
Purchases are made through Mail Order and all
profits go to the support of Speaking American.
Details will be posted how to take advantage of
getting not just a book, but a Personal Souvenir
seeing your own name and even your photo; and
also maybe see the name and photos of friends
in print!
                           PRIZE WINNERS
Grades 3 and 4-- There was a required theme for
the kids in the form of a question. If you had $100
in cash, what would you do with it and why?
I surprised some in the audience when I said in my
opening remarks, "Someone in Grade 3 and Grade 4
will walk away from this room with $100 in cash."
Then added, "Of course, if there is a tie, the
Winner's Prize will be divided $50-$50."

                          IT'S a tie for Grade 3

                    Sam Monteiro of Atlantis Charter School
and Casey Wells of Calvin Coolidge School share the money prize.
I asked the kids to show their prize to the audience and
Geoge Brown, one of the Judges, looks on. Stay tuned for more.

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