Friday, April 12, 2013

Fun at the Forum

Speaking American
15th Anniversary Celebration
                    Many Thanks
Boston, April 7, 2013-- So many people-- kids, parents, teachers, co-ordinators, guest speakers, judges, photojournalist,
BPL event staff, and Friends of Speaking American-- helped to make this a super fun day at the Forum.
     Micaela Bedell (BU '13), photojounalist, covered our
event and provided photos not only for the story, but also
for our Photo Gallery.
     Prizes for Parents and Teachers picked by random draw were donated by Stop and Shop, Shrewsbury -- an exotic houseplant won by Catherine Rocha, Teacher; and
the prize for Parents was a lovely orchid plant donated by
Trader Joe's, Shrewsbury. Souvenirs to last for years.
      Mike Audette, Teacher and Co-odinator at Atlantis Charter School, won a book The Art of Public Speaking
by All Ages for his record-making effort to have representation of Speakers from Grades 3-4-5-6 and 7!
      Thanks also to Co-ordinators: Lynn Heil of Abby Kelley Foster Charter School of Worcester and
Annmarie Hurley of Coolidge School of Shrewsbury.
      Hope to see you again at the Forum. Continue the
fun by spreading the word that Public Speaking is
a good thing!

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