Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bravo Speakers / Part 4

Speaking American Forum Finals

                PRIZE WINNER Grade 6
                           WE THE PEOPLE
                               2-Minute Talks
                   Jolena Chaundry of Atlantis Charter School
      shows that it's an asset to start young to find out just what "citizen"
      means and where to find the laws and concepts that build a type      
      of a democracy practiced in the USA. All democracies in
      the world are different so education helps to sort out the   
      differences and why. Sharing "what" and "why" by means of Public
      Speaking is one of the goals of our We the People Talks. Jolena
      took that opportunity, won the cash prize of  $30 and helped us
      to celebrate the 15th  Anniversary of Speaking American. There is
      more posting to come. Check it out.

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